Statement from Libby Davies, Chris Charlton, Jean Crowder, Dawn Black and Judy Wasylycia-Leis on International Women’s Day week

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On this International Women’s Day week, we have come together to show our strong support for Brian Topp to become the next leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Each of us is a strong feminist. Each of us was privileged to be entrusted with key leadership positions in the NDP caucus lead by Jack Layton. Whether as House Leader, Caucus Chair, Whip, Finance critic or Defense critic, Jack trusted us to be a key part of his team. And we trusted Jack and worked with him to advance women’s equality in the context of a strong agenda for social justice and equality, both within the NDP and in Canadian society.

Today we support Brian Topp because we believe it is the best way for us to continue the legacy of Jack's important work. We know that Brian Topp will work collaboratively with women in the NDP to make important political gains for women. Brian shares our values. He cares passionately about equality for women. His approach to politics is courageous, inclusive and progressive.

Brian has consistently demonstrated these qualities throughout his time in politics. When Brian was a key member of Jack’s team, we worked extremely well with him. Whether it was helping to prepare our platform, advancing issues in Parliament, or negotiating an accord with the Liberals, Brian was always a team player in the service of our party’s progressive political objectives.

Brian brings this same approach to the leadership race. He speaks with purpose and conviction about the NDP’s larger purpose: to create a more equal country. To that end, Brian has proposed reforming our tax system to ensure the top one per cent pay its fair share . And he has put forward a substantive policy agenda that will make a huge difference in the lives of Canadian women, including a commitment that half the members of his cabinet will be women.

This is precisely the kind of leadership the NDP now needs to strengthen our breakthrough, and take on the Conservatives in the next election and win. For this International Women's Day, we are speaking out, to our sisters in the NDP, and encouraging all members of our party, who want to see the NDP lead the way for women's equality to support Brian Topp for leader.


Libby Davies, deputy leader;
Chris Charlton, whip;
Jean Crowder, chairperson of the Committee on access to information, protection of privacy and ethics and former chair of the federal caucus;
Dawn Black, former defence critic;
Judy Wasylycia-Leis, former finance critic.


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