Saskatchewan New Democrats show strong support for Topp

Monday, March 5, 2012


SASKATOON – As the NDP leadership race enters its final weeks, a group of nineteen prominent Saskatchewan New Democrats today encouraged fellow party members to support Brian Topp to be the next leader of the NDP.

“In our view, Brian is the best candidate to win across Canada and defeat Stephen Harper,” said former Saskatchewan Deputy Leader and senior cabinet minister, Pat Atkinson.

“Brian knows Saskatchewan better than any of the other candidates, he will work tirelessly to build our party, and he will fight for strong NDP values that are important to the people of our province.”

“That’s why we have come together today to make this strong appeal to party members in Saskatchewan to support Brian.”

Atkinson said that the years Brian spent working at the heart of the Saskatchewan NDP government make him uniquely qualified to lead today’s NDP. 

“As the only candidate with NDP government experience, Brian knows how important it is to show people how we are going to pay for our promises,” said Atkinson. 

“He is the only candidate to lay out a clear plan to raise revenues to support vital public services, like Medicare, and to create a stronger, more equal country.”

“This is a critical moment for our party,” said Atkinson.  “In Brian we have a candidate who can win and win for a purpose.  He is a strong social democrat who knows how to govern.”

“As a former MLAs, Premiers and Cabinet Ministers from one of Canada’s most successful NDP governments, we are proud to support Brian to be our next leader.”


List of Current and Former Saskatchewan MLAs Supporting Brian 

  • Pat Atkinson, Former Deputy Leader and Minister of Health
  • Judy Bradley, Former Minister of Highways and Transportation
  • Lorne Calvert, Former Premier
  • Elwood Cowley, Former Minister of Finance
  • Darrell Cunningham, Former Minister of Agriculture
  • Doreen Hamilton, Former Minister of Liquor and Gaming and the Public Service Commission
  • Deb Higgins Former, Deputy Leader and Minister of Labour and Education
  • Judy Junor, Former Minister of Education
  • Mark Koenker, Former MLA Saskatoon-Sutherland
  • Eldon Lautermilch, Former Minister of Energy and Mines and House Leader
  • Warren McCall, MLA and former Minister of Advanced Education and Employment
  • Frank Quennell, Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice
  • Herman Rolfes, Former Minister of Health and first elected Speaker
  • Roy Romanow, Former Premier
  • Lorne Scott, Former Minister of Environment and Resource Management
  • Clay Serby, Former Deputy Premier
  • John Solomon, Former MP and MLA
  • Len Taylor, Former MP and Minister of Health and House Leader
  • Berny Wiens, Former Minister of Agriculture