Monday, February 20, 2012

Open letter from Rod Murphy, former MP for Churchill in Manitoba.

Dear friends

Like many of you I have spent the months since Jack's passing missing a great Canadian but also thinking about where our party needs to go.

Canada has changed a lot since I was elected to represent Churchill in 1979. One thing that hasn't changed is our need for a leader who can unite our caucus and build our party. I think Brian Topp is the person who can get the job done.

Last year, I watched our party smash through our previous high from 1988. I served from 1979 to 1993. I served as critic for electoral reform, federal provincial relations, northern affairs, and labour just to name a few portofolios.

I've seen my share of campaigns and I know first hand why we need a strong leader in caucus and also on the hustings.

Brian is a team player who has experience in a New Democrat government and in the pressure cooker of the campaign war room. Nobody who knows Brian can call his progressive values into question and his range of policy papers are extensive and inspiring.

I urge you to look carefully at all the candidates and ask who can lead us to defeating Stephen Harper to form a progressive and competent government that will make us proud, and bring the message of a fairer Canada to people from sea to sea to sea. Take a moment to ask yourself these questions independent of all the rhetoric of the leadership campaigns and the pressure that you may be feeling.

You know where people like Ed Broadbent, Roy Romanow, Libby Davies and I stand.

I am excited to be joining Brian. I urge you to do the same. Together let's get the job done.



Rod Murphy

Former MP for Churchill