Prominent NDP historian Desmond Morton backs Brian Topp

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Montreal-based political historian Desmond Morton today backed Brian Topp to lead the NDP.

Morton is professor emeritus at McGill University and an authoritative scholar of Canadian history. He has published dozens of books including The New Democrats and The Riverdale Story - important works detailing the party’s formative years.

“Desmond’s support carries enormous meaning for me,” said Topp. “I think he, more than anyone, recognizes that we must keep this party’s roots attached as we move forward.”

Morton’s history with the party dates back to his role as an advisor to Tommy Douglas. Morton also worked closely with the Ontario NDP, alongside Stephen and David Lewis.

“I strongly support Brian Topp. He's unmatched by any other candidate in his combination of deep intelligence, common sense, and experience at the highest level in an NDP government,” said Morton. “And he is fluently bilingual.”

Morton joins the ranks of other prominent Quebec New Democrats supporting Topp, including MPs Alexandre Boulerice, Françoise Boivin, Charmaine Borg, Isabelle Morin, Alain Giguère and Sana Hassainia as well as countless activists, organizers and long-time party members.


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