New endorsement from Quebec: MP Sana Hassainia switches support to Brian Topp

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MONTREAL - The Member of Parliament for Vercheres - Les Patriotes, Sana Hassainia now supports Brian Topp in the NDP Leadership race. Mrs. Hassainia stated that the positions taken by Brian Topp during the race were closest to her values.

"I have carefully followed the debates as well as the race in general. After serious reflection, I decided to switch my support to Brian Topp. I have truly appreciated his determination to put forward progressive values. Like Brian, I believe that we should tackle the growing inequality in our society. And we start doing this by putting an end to an unfair tax system that offers billions in giveaways to the people who need it the least. Among the candidates, I believe that Brian is best placed to defeat Harper and put in place a progressive government" said Hassainia.

"I'm honoured to have Sana's support. Our campaign has a lot of momentum. Sana is an important member of the Quebec Caucus  and I'm delighted that she shares my determination to place equality at the centre of this campaign", said Brian Topp.

Topp also enjoys the support of other Quebec MPs: Francoise Boivin, Alexandre Boulerice, Isabelle Morin, Charmaine Borg and Alain Giguere. For a more exhaustive list of those supporting Topp, please

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