Brian's commitments to the arts and culture community

Friday, January 20, 2012

Today, Brian highlighted his commitment to the arts in Canada with the release of his fifth policy paper, which calls for a re-imagining of how we fund and support the arts in this country. Among other things, he is proposing to:

  • Create a cultural industries investment fund, modeled off the successful Société de développement des entreprises culturelles in Quebec. Providing stable, accessible credit and investment will allow our most gifted artists to continue telling our stories for years to come.
  • Launch a complete review of how the CBC operates. The review will look at how to make our national broadcaster more sustainable, successful and - most importantly - entertaining for Canadians
  • Re-invest in the CBC. We will take our public broadcaster off of life support and give it the tools it needs to do its job.
  • Modernize the Broadcasting Act and empower the CRTC to ensure Canadian content is out front on Canadian airwaves.
  • Update federal status of the artist legislation and improve federal income support and taxation policies for artists. Investigate ways to make sure that the EI, pension and income averaging systems are working to the benefit of our creative economy. This will help provide the job security and benefits that have eluded many artists for so long.